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Honeymoon purchases

So, I've been wanting to buy a couple of things for our honeymoon in advance. I decided this was a sensible plan because, nearer to the departure time, we will be forking out a shed load of money paying all the invoices for the vendors. However, South Africa is going to be warm (if not… Continue reading Honeymoon purchases

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A pregnancy

Amazing news, one of our ushers and his wife have just announced they're pregnant! After an initial rush of excitement, love and emotion, reality set in. Date calculations made us realise they're due three days after our wedding day. Bugger. Whilst he is currently all keen to still attend the wedding (whilst she almost definitely… Continue reading A pregnancy

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We recently posted our wedding invitations. That sentence is surreal. Our wedding invitations! Ahhhhh. Even after the last year of planning, it still sometimes doesn't feel real that we're actually getting married. However, since we've been receiving RSVPs and having people's lovely comments on our wedding invite design it definitely is become more real. But,… Continue reading RSVP

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Gift registries

"Where are you registered" The idea of a gift registry hasn't changed much over the last few decades. People still want to buy newlyweds some gifts. However, the gifts on those lists have changed quite significantly. Gone are the days where couples don't live together before getting married - the majority of couples do now.… Continue reading Gift registries

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We’re off to the last wedding before we become a Mr and Mrs

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I'm so excited but it feels surreal. How will it be us the next time we're at a wedding? It's going to be me walking down that aisle as a bride and us walking out as the newlyweds. Ahhhhhh!! Our own wedding is coming around crazily quickly… Continue reading We’re off to the last wedding before we become a Mr and Mrs

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One year engaged…

Apologies that I'm a little late with this blog post. I've had it on my 'to do' list for absolutely ages but then when it came around to it I completely forgot. I thought I'd take this opportunity to update you on our plans over the last year and how we are feeling about the… Continue reading One year engaged…