If you're reading this blog then chance are you've made it this far that you're researching how to smash a viva-voce. Congratulations. And I don't mean that in any small way. What you've done is survived a ridiculous ordeal. Maybe you've taken the time to relax after your submission of the PhD (or maybe you… Continue reading Viva

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Choosing a honeymoon destination

How exciting, you're engaged and you're planning your honeymoon!! First of all I'd definitely recommend having a look at your budget. I know it's boring and I know money is the bane of all evil, but you can't do much without knowing how much you can spend. Next, I'd be prepared because everything we've looked… Continue reading Choosing a honeymoon destination

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Stationery timelines

When we got engaged I was lucky enough to have the support of Will's sister who recently (although it's pushing two years now) got married herself. Whilst we're not using a standard stationer to do our wedding invites and on the day 'stuff' we got the guidance that Alice received from hers that was super… Continue reading Stationery timelines

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Editing your thesis post viva

Congratulations! You've submitted your thesis!! Live life to the max in this interim period. It's a weird period but enjoy it. You literally don't have any PhD work to do just now. However, once the bubble is over, you've been revising for your viva and it's over, now is when the hard work kicks in… Continue reading Editing your thesis post viva

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Bank holiday weekends

The bank holidays have kicked off with a banger of a bank holiday weekend. What an absolute scorcher we had for Easter! It was actually hotter here for the whole long weekend than it was in Perth, Australia! WOWSERS. However, Will's cricket season has started again for the summer so we weren't able to truly… Continue reading Bank holiday weekends

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Choosing our wedding rings

Whilst we're quite organized and ahead of the planning game (so far), choosing and buying our wedding rings isn't going to be quite as straightforward as I first thought. First of all let me say HOW EXCITING IS THIS!! We're ring shopping, something that only Will got to first time around. There's so much sparkle… Continue reading Choosing our wedding rings

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Wedding season is here

Wedding season is well and truly upon us. We have two weddings to attend this weekend, and I know of quite a few people from work who have already got married this year. For us it's quite a calm season with just two weddings to attend but a conversation with a friend has got me… Continue reading Wedding season is here

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Save the Date invite sent

If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know we were really debating whether or not to send a save the date. Most, if not all, of our guest list knew our date already. However, we didn't want to risk people booking something and then not being able to make it and us… Continue reading Save the Date invite sent

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Inviting children to your wedding

People warned me that when you get engaged people suddenly have opinions on everything you do and the simplest of things can sometimes cause the biggest stress in your wedding planning. That happened to us when we hadn't ever considered inviting children to our wedding. This wasn't because we hate children because that's simply not… Continue reading Inviting children to your wedding

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A Thai Cooking Class

Yum! I love thai food (so long as it's not ever seen a chilli as I can't deal with spice...) so this opportunity sounded fab. We got picked up from the hostel and were taken around a local market and watched stray cats running riot everywhere which was quite amusing. In all seriousness we were… Continue reading A Thai Cooking Class