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Bad Pharma

Bad Pharma by Ben Goldacre Bad Pharma is really well written. I was reading it as someone who works in the field (almost) and as someone who has been educated in the world of science and academia for the past seven years (wow, where has that time gone!). However, Ben does a really good job… Continue reading Bad Pharma

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Proof reading

I'm not sure how good I am at this. I'm good at spelling, but when it comes to that final check of a document for its readability and grammar I often miss things that seem extremely obvious once someone else has picked up on them. I fall into that category where I read what I… Continue reading Proof reading

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FPIES (or food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome) - huh? It's a food allergy that I’ve never heard about before about a month ago. Our nephew fell severely ill and required hospitalisation for rehydration and care on two occasions. Both of which were extremely scary, particularly being the other side of the world, not being able to… Continue reading FPIES

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Honeymoon dilemmas

Anyone who has been following this blog for a while will know that I LOVE my holidays. I live for those adventures and that special time away with loved ones. This, I think, is part of the reason why choosing, planning and booking our honeymoon is properly stressing me out. I thought that would be… Continue reading Honeymoon dilemmas

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Wedding budget nightmare

We are only at the very beginning stages of planning our wedding and I can already see, with ease, how weddings go over budget. When we initially and sat down to make blind estimates of what each vendor and aspect of the big day will cost we tried to be wildly overestimating costs in the… Continue reading Wedding budget nightmare

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Auntie time

So, November this year has been especially meaningful and important to Will and I. His sister and nephew flew over from Australia meaning we got to meet our nephew for the very first time. They arrived late morning and I was super excited in the office showing my manager and senior members of the team… Continue reading Auntie time

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10 things you shouldn’t do whilst wearing your engagement ring

I'm a bit of a hypocrite. I don't comply to the all the advice I'm handing out here. I grew up watching my mum only ever take hers off if she was decorating the house or cleaning the oven. Despite this, I think it's good to know what you 'should' do and therefore have an… Continue reading 10 things you shouldn’t do whilst wearing your engagement ring

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Damaged goods and their customer service

Having moved into our new house (have I mentioned that we now owe a load of money to NatWest?) we needed a lot of furniture. We had NONE. We had previously lived in a furnished rented property and the only thing we owned was a chest of drawers (which we took) and a couple of… Continue reading Damaged goods and their customer service